Vine Vera Skin Care Products: How to use them

22 Feb 2015 16:29

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The blend of Resveratrol, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and the moisturizing ingredient Salt Hyaluronate, work as spectacular ingredients to reduce the skin issues. This serum will leave your skin feeling smoother, looking more glowing and rejuvenated. You will have the skin that you have never thought of.vinevera reviews

Vine Vera Skin Care Nonsurgical Syringe

Using a non surgical syringe involves no pain, just apply nicely to the puffiness of the eyes or on dark circles and just wait about 10 seconds and you’ll start feeling the difference. For best results, use directly with Resveratrol Morning hours Restoration. This lotion balances your skin and keeps your skin hydrated. Formed with Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Sodium Hyaluronate and Olive Oil Draw Out (Oleo European Fruit Extract) to decrease the aging marks and wrinkles.


Directions to apply: Apply a small amount for 10 seconds once a week before bed, before applying the product just clear your skin. For best outcomes, use along with Resveratrol Morning hours Restoration and you will be feeling the difference by yourself.

Recovery Serum, Vine Vera Skin Care

This rich and creamy yet light and portable formula keeps the skin firmly tight, dehydrate the skin and makes you look younger than before. This is the mixture of components such as Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, (Olive Oil) Oleo European Oil and Resveratrol help decreases the ravages of time, while repairing the skin’s decorating shine. This product has been designed to smoothen the facial lines and give your skin a velvety touch.

Directions to apply: Apply nicely to skin and feel the change in your skin. For best outcomes, use together with Resveretrol Resurgence Serum. The recovery serum does miracles. It can be applied with a pure cotton mop as to prevent the item from sticking to your finger and to apply it where you need it. The ingredients quickly absorb into the skin and giving deep therapy to the skin cell. It is advised to keep yourself relaxed and expressionless while it gets dry. The best time when you can apply this serum and mask is before going to bed just relax and let it dry. You’ll feel your skin smoother and soothing.

Places to avoid before applying

Avoid applying the product to sensitive places like eyes etc. Pour this serum or mask on cotton and then apply where you want to be , taking care of the sensitive places.

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